Saturday, August 8, 2009

Until next time... Erin and Lucas left for their long trip back to Denver. It's wonderful having them, but it is so sad to see them go. It is so nice to have the whole family together. It will probably be next year that we see Lucas again - time passes so quickly and everyone's lives are so busy. We did make some wonderful memories, though. One day we went down to eat at the Monument Inn. The oysters were delicious. My sister, Judy, came with us. It was as hot as...well, you know!

We took Katie for her first trip to Neiman Marcus to eat at their cafe, Mariposa. (If you've never been, it is worth going just for the rolls and strawberry butter. They're to die for!) You can tell by the look on her face that she wasn't feeling well. When we got home she had a fever. She's teething.

Here are Amy, Erin, and Katie once again.

It seems that a lot of these experiences revolved around food. I guess we just like to eat!
I praise God for these special moments that we have had together as a family and for the memories that we shared. I pray that we will be able to have many more.

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