Friday, August 14, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My sister sent me a copy of this picture today which is from Labor Day around 1974. Gosh, I'm feeling old! This was my dad's (Paw Paw's) boat. He is the man in the blue jumpsuit. (Those were actually popular then!) My husband is standing next to him. I'm kind of under the canopy. My sister and cousin Cindy are sitting in the back of the boat. My two cousins, Nancy and Jeanne, and Jeanne's husband are sitting in the bow of the boat.
My dad's side of the family used to always have a reunion on Labor Day weekend. We would change location every year based on who was hosting the reunion. He had five brothers and one sister. Some of the places we went to were Galveston, Ft. Worth, Nacogdoches, Tyler, De Grey Lake in Arkansas, and, the year of this picture, my parent's lake house on Lake Livingston. We are no longer having the reunions because four of the siblings died and the others are quite elderly. The children have spread out and have children and grandchildren of their own.
My two daughters said that we stopped doing fun things as soon as they were born because my parents sold their lake house and my in-laws sold their little farm. What fun times we had! And I would just like to say that I was a mean water skier!

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  1. Tony wants to know if it was "mean" or a "water skier"? Which is it? LOL