Saturday, May 15, 2010

There's nothing like...

  • crawling into clean, cool, slick, 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of a hard day (Can you tell I really like nice sheets? I've been know to stay in a hotel (Hilton) just for the quality of their sheets.)
  • having a good book to read in those 600 thread count sheets and someone to share the story with lying beside you (but far enough away so that when you have a hot flash, it doesn't make you hotter!)
  • the feel of the fan as it ruffles the blankets
  • listening to the rain on your windows and roof when showers have been overdue (unless you live in Nashville or Oklahoma)
  • not hearing the air conditioning running and running because the showers are keeping everything cool
  • looking at the alarm clock in panic thinking you are late for work, to realize it's Saturday and you can sleep in - ahhhh!!
  • waking up to the smell of Lola Savannah Fair Trade Columbian Organic Coffee
  • knowing that your house is already clean and the laundry done so you're free to do whatever strikes your fancy for the rest of the weekend
  • looking forward to seeing two precious little grandbabies and hearing "love ooo," Grammy
Happy Saturday!

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