Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking Forward to the Memorial Day Weekend

I know it's only Wednesday, but Dan and I are really looking forward to having this long weekend to recover from all that has been going on around our house and in our lives this spring. We are still in the process of totally re-landscaping our yard to get rid of the sago palms that poisoned our puppies. (The puppies are still hanging in there, with lots of hard work and TLC.) This was in addition to the major projects we had undertaken of repainting the house and refencing the yard.

Last weekend Dan worked all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday painting at Amy's new house. I was at home keeping Katie and Hannah while their parents negotiated the move. The girls didn't act like they were feeling well on Saturday because Katie wanted to get in Grammy's bed for naps both in the morning and in the afternoon and Hannah was fussy. In the middle of the night Katie started vomiting all over Grammy's bed, so Grammy and Grandpa were stripping beds, giving Katie a bath, and trying to keep from waking Hannah all at the same time. Katie felt better the next morning... unfortunately, Grammy didn't. So Sunday I was sick and Sunday night Dan came in from painting at Amy's not feeling so hot either. He ended up having to take a sick day yesterday. We are feeling a little better today.

I have taken a very circuitous route to say we need some fun and R & R! Erin called us about a month ago and said that she had used her birthday money to buy an airline ticket to Houston for Memorial Day weekend. This was kind of a spur of the moment decision that was certainly unexpected, so I asked her why she decided to come right now. She said that she thought we could use some cheering up, so she was coming to cheer up her parents. Awwww!! We're looking forward to a shopping trip to the Heights antique shops and maybe brunch at Shade. (Those are just at the top of the list. Ha!)

While we're enjoying our time of rest and are busy making new memories, we don't want to become so busy that we forget what the holiday is all about. God bless our men and women who have served this country and paid the ultimate price so that we can live our lives in this land we love. Thank you...we appreciate the sacrifices you have made to protect the liberties, values, and beliefs that we hold dear. May we never forget. God bless America!

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