Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, Part II

Last Mother's Day we were in the midst of the H1N1 scare here in Texas and I had a horrible cold/flu, so everyone went to eat Mexican food without me. (Dan brought me a taco.) This year was much better!

I have been wanting under-cabinet lighting for my kitchen, so my sweet husband bought LED strips and installed them yesterday. They are awesome! Now I can see the crumbs that I've left behind! We also went to Plants for All Seasons, my favorite nursery, this afternoon and bought day lillies, licorice plants, and impatiens for some flower beds we've been working on. I could have stayed there all afternoon just smelling the gardenia and the jasmine. Gardenia is probably my favorite flower - the scent brings back all kinds of springtime memories.

Later in the afternoon Erin called to tell me that she had begun blogging again and she did a very sweet Mother's Day post. Finally, we met Amy, Chris, Katie, and Hannah for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

Grammy, Hannah, and Katie...Aren't they the cutest little girls ever? Hannah has the most beautiful blue eyes and Katie has beautiful hazel ones.

Is it time to eat yet? You can tell that I don't miss many meals! Ha!

Having fun at dinner...

Amy and Chris

Thank you Lord for the privilege of being a mother.

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