Sunday, October 25, 2009

A turkey of an anniversary…

Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary, our 40th high school reunion, and the horns played Missouri. It was also a gloriously beautiful fall day. It sounds like a weekend memories are made of.

Here’s how we celebrated… If you read my last post, you know that the washing machine got stuck on the rinse cycle and flooded our utility room, breakfast room, kitchen, and living room. I didn’t tell you that we also found out that we had (I hope) a mouse gnaw a little hole in the ceiling of our pantry and help himself to some of our groceries. Between moving furniture and unloading cabinets because of the water and the exterminator, our house has been a total wreck. This is the only part of the house that has looked good. I keep going outdoors to look at it, so I don’t have to think about what still needs to be done inside. (Ha!)

IMG_0982 Here’s a little tour of how the inside looked on Friday night. This is the living room. Notice that there is no oriental rug, there are glasses on top of the entertainment center and dishes on the ottoman because we ran out of space to stack things. Of course the entertainment center is pulled out from the wall. Ouch! That is one heavy piece of furniture.

IMG_0966 Here is just a glimpse of the kitchen and the dining room.

IMG_0973  IMG_0965

This is behind the entertainment center. We had to remove all the molding. The floor has started to buckle a little bit, so we have tile boxes (topped with casserole dishes from the kitchen cabinets) trying to get the wood to lay flat.


More chaos…you get the idea. IMG_0976 We have just about got the kitchen/breakfast room/utility room put back in order. We are waiting on the insurance adjuster for the living room.

We did celebrate our anniversary by going out to the Canyon Cafe for dinner. We had verde enchiladas and tres leches.

canyon cafe Guess what my sweet husband got me to commemorate our 39 years together? A turkey… Did he have a premonition about the kind of weekend we would have, or what?


I did really, really want this Round Top Collection turkey, but thought it too expensive. So he got it for our front yard. Boy, we have got it looking good on the outside!! Just don’t come inside. Yet.

P.S. If you have never seen the Round Top collection, it is made by Jeff Krause. He first started selling his metal creations on the town square, but quickly branched out to the Nutcracker Market, etc. I like what he writes on his tags…”Our company’s heartfelt mission is to be an efficient leader in the gift industry while allowing the customer to benefit from a God-given talent and serving them in a Christ-like manner.” If only every business would strive for this goal…


  1. It may not have been the anniversary of your dreams but you definitely made some memories!! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. happy anniversary! sorry about all the chaos. i too think the sentiment on his tags are wonderful, if only more people thought like that!