Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Littlest Longhorn

Saturday Amy and Katie decided to come with us to the UT v. CU football game in Austin because Chris had to work all day. This is the first game that they have been able to come to this year. Little did we know that Katie, at 19 months, is already showing the passion for college football that her Aunt Erin has!IMG_0926 She came dressed and ready to party! However, we didn’t count on the temperature being in the damp mid-50’s with a strong north wind, so we had to stop at the Co-op to get some sweatshirts to wear to the game. (You just can’t trust those weathermen, who forecast 71 and calm winds!) Katie had a wonderful time charming all the shoppers, and believe me there were plenty to charm.

On the way to the game we stopped to get a quick sandwich at Jimmie Johns…lots of people to say “Hi” to there, as well.

IMG_0928 She’s getting in the cheering mood – just has to swallow that mouthful!


Is that really Jordan Shipley over there? He is wearing the #8. Jordan Shipley has a girlfriend??? 


Oh well…


Why didn’t someone tell me there was such a thing as tailgating? There are just too many people to say “Hi” to, and, guess what? They’re all happy to speak back! (Even the people from CU.)


That’s the stadium???? I better lean over to get a better look!


This is better. Thanks Grandpa!


My own seat and everything…can we please go see
Bevo? Please??? (By the way Mom, my pink shoes don’t go with burnt orange. Can we get some new ones?)


  We’re facing the wrong direction. Who are these people???

IMG_0938 IMG_0939 There he is!

I’m liking this “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” If I could just learn the right time to clap!!


Woo Hoo! Look at that TV!!


My hands are going to be raw from clapping! 



There’s a band, too?? 


Did you see that Grandpa?? The team is coming on the field.


What’s the matter with those boys??? Don’t they know we’re #2?


This is more like it!!!


Oh, Hi Chase, Hi CU girl, Hi Joyce, Hi Sam, Hi Katie, Hi people beside us, Hi people behind us, Hi everyone in the stadium…!!! (She was the belle of the football game, at least in our section.)


Katie, the girl who sits behind us, said to our Katie, “I believe you are really a Texas longhorn!” There’s no finer complement!

Hook ‘em!

P.S. She was not excited to leave and slept all the way home.

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