Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since I have entered the blog world, I have become part of an extended family of people whose blog I read, but have never met. Even though most don't even know me, I am sharing their heartaches and burdens, some almost unimagineable. I have never seen so much illness, pain, and suffering.

Watching the nightly news certainly does nothing to ease the feelings of desperation those of us who are Christians have about the spiritual condition of our country as we see it move farther and farther away from the precepts of God. It seems that on every front we are being persecuted because of our values and beliefs. When you add that to economic woes, etc. life can become overwhelming and hearts can truly be filled with despair.

Have you ever noticed how often the Bible urges us to cry out to God in our distress? It never tells us that we annoy Him with our petitions, or that we've gotten ourselves into trouble far too often for Him to be bothered anymore. It never implies that we're on our own now, and it never even hints that God helps those who help themselves. No, the Bible is emphatic that when we get into trouble, we are to call on Him.

Why is that? Because there is a holy dynamic in our relationship with Him. A people of great need are a necessary condition for God to reveal Himself as a God of great mercy and great provision. If we had no need, no one would ever know of God's supply. If we had no hurt, no one would ever know of His comfort. If we had no disease, no one would know of His healing. He is revealed as a Redeemer and Rescuer only when we need redemption and rescuing. Our need highlights who He is.

That's why the Bible urges us to call on Him in the day of trouble. That's why it never imples - not even once - that He will not respond to His children. That's why millions throughout history have called to Him and found Him faithful. The God of mercy demonstrates it - often.

Sometimes we're hesitant to bare our souls before Him. We let Him know of some of our needs, but we're afraid to be desperate in His presence. But desperation is the key. Desperation puts us in perfect position to see the merciful God who saves and restores.

You will have days of trouble. When you do, go ahead and come to Him empty-handed. Like David, tell Him that all your hopes are hanging on Him, and that if He doesn't respond, you'll be devastated. Then watch Him respond. Experience his restoration, His providence, and His love. Know that the God of mercy is looking for people who will accept it. It shows us - and the world - who He is.
Chris Tiegreen

In the day of my trouble I will call to you, for you will answer me. Psalm 86:7

Thank you Lord for who you are, our faithful and merciful Savior, Redeemer, Restorer, Provider, Comforter, Rescuer, Healer... Help us to keep our eyes and hearts focused on You.

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