Friday, October 9, 2009

My Girls – Day 2 Boulder

It’s wonderful to be spoiled a little bit (or a lot)! On Sunday morning Erin got up early and made us some fantastic breakfast tacos. We needed the protein, as we were headed to Boulder for the day for shopping and people watching. You can see lots of interesting people in Boulder. There are also some great stores. One of our favorites is Powell's Candy, an old-time candy store. Anyone for candy cigarettes or wax lips?



She also made us some “monster cookies” for snacks.


Pearl Street is always a good place to see the “sights.” I'm hoping that I wasn't one of them! Ha!







We ended the day by eating at Steubens in downtown Denver. They are known for their "down home" cooking - chicken fried steak, hush puppies, etc. I know that I'm prejudiced, but nobody does "down home" like Texas. Hush puppies without onions???? And rolled in sugar???? Add that to the potty from last night and I'm just really broadening my horizons. Ha!

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