Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's almost time to say goodbye to Erin for a few months. She's upstairs right now lying on the sofa underneath the fan with the shades closed reading the latest Thoene book. When you move off to cooler climes, it's hard to get used to the heat of Houston in the summer. Heck, It's hard for us to get used to these temperatures this early! It is hot and dry with no relief in sight.

Our weekend started with brunch Saturday at Shade, a restaurant in the Heights. It was mmm…mmm…good.

IMG_1596 Afterwards, we walked down 19th Street to several antique stores and a shop called Jubilee. The pictures below were taken at Antiques on Nineteenth. I bought a little hand-painted tole tray there to hang on my dining room wall.




After that we were too hot to do much more shopping where we had to go in and out of the heat, so we decided to go to the Galleria. Oh my, it looked like the day after Christmas sales there were so many people. We couldn’t even find a place to park. I guess everyone decided to escape the heat by going to the mall.

There were also several quinceaneras taking place in the hotels. I couldn’t resist taking this quick picture of the little girls in their fancy dresses. They went up the escalator in front of us.


Can you tell Erin was anxious to leave? She’s making a beeline for the door to Neiman’s and the crosswalk to Dillards where we parked.


Probably the best part of the day was dinner at Lupe Tortilla’s. It finally started to cool off and there was a little breeze. It’s always fun to watch Katie eat chili con queso. She delicately dips the chip in the cheese and then licks the cheese off of the chip. In the process she smears it all over her face.




It won’t be long and Hannah will be getting in on the action, as well.


Family and Mexican food…that’s a hot combination!

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