Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm done...

...or maybe "done in" does a better job of describing the feeling I had at the end of the day. I am a former classroom teacher who moved to a job in the curriculum and instruction department of the district. My contract is year-round so my summertime involves providing required professional development to all K-12 teachers in my content area. 

Let me tell you, they are just pleased as punch to be there and can't wait to use the strategies in the classroom in the fall. They are so grateful that the Texas Education Agency has determined that teachers need to make sure that all learners are entitled to the best instruction possible, and they are lining up to volunteer to implement any new mandates that come down the road. This attitude just makes my job sooooo pleasureable and I've looked forward to the past. eight. days. in. a. row that I've got to experience this joy.

I've learned so much from some of the teachers that I've worked with. Did you know that you can take notes on a cell phone? Silly me...I thought that was called texting. Another thing that I learned is that a Texas Monthly magazine fits easily between the pages of a notebook and if you glance up at the appropriate time, it might actually look like you're paying attention. (The morning newspaper is a little harder to hide, but what the heck, it is a great way to make absolutely sure that the presenter understands that you're here under duress.)  I've learned that classroom rules don't apply when teachers make up the class. But today I learned the most important lesson of all...it doesn't matter how you teach government if your football team is in the playoffs.

Seriously, I am proud to be a teacher and to work with many fine and dedicated individuals who are proud of their profession and are always looking for ways to better meet the needs of their students. But there are those few who exhibit behavior that they would. not. tolerate at all from their students. I ran into those today. Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth...

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