Friday, January 8, 2010


Well...The University of Texas tower will not glow in burnt orange tonight. Those of us who are true Texas fans, however, are proud of the way our team played last night and of how they represented our state. To lose your quarterback, the leader of the team, your Heisman trophy candidate, five plays into the game and still get to 24-21 with a chance at winning is pretty remarkable.

I have had the privilege of watching Colt McCoy play at DKR stadium for four years. He is one fine young man and role model. He played those four years in hopes of being able to play in a national championship. His dream was cut short five plays into the game. Here is his response to a question about how he felt about not being able to play.

"I worked and played my whole career to be on this stage, to be given this opportunity," McCoy said. "I know what it would have been like had I played that game. To know that is tough. But at the same time, I am a man of faith. I stand on the Rock. I'll never question God for why things happen the way they do..." Colt then congratulated Alabama. He may have lost his opportunity to play in the BIG GAME, but he knows how to play the game of life. See this article. We'll miss you, Colt!

Hook 'em!

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  1. You know, sometimes you can feel a lot of pride - not in the winning - but in the integrity shown with the loss.