Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adventures in Grammy-hood

Lots of pictures! Can’t help myself.
This has been a week of which memories are made. Dan and I have had Katie staying with us since the night before Hannah’s birth. We celebrated Hannah’s birthday on Saturday morning with pancakes made from a Kerbey Lane mix that I buy at HEB. Can you tell that it’s a favorite?
IMG_1198 We visited Mommy and Hannah Saturday in the hospital. I guess we were checking out the cleanliness of the floors here. (It could have been improved upon!)
We checked on “baby.”
IMG_1201 Some of us held her… IMG_1202 IMG_1203We did a lot of celebratory eating out…Erin always has to visit her favorite places to eat when she comes to town. Escalantes is one of our favorites. Katie thought their queso was really good…
along with Grammy’s empanadas and Grandpa’s burrito. I wonder what the hospital was serving???
Aunt Erin was also enjoying her Tex Mex fix.
Sunday we were back at the hospital. We brought Sunday dinner from Cleburne’s Cafeteria. We thought Amy needed some fresh vegetables and they make some of the best squash casserole ever.

We just can’t get enough of this sweet face!
Katie went to sleep on daddy’s sleeping bag in the hospital room. This should have been a harbinger of things to come…
because Sunday night Katie started running a fever and Monday I had to take her to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with the croup. This could be a commercial for cold medicine, don’t you think? I found out that croup is a virus that is contagious for babies and young children, so no more visiting mommy and Hannah.
IMG_1218 Did I mention that Katie was sleeping in Grammy’s bedroom? Guess how much sleep Grammy was getting? Did you know that Grammy’s require more than 1 hour of sleep at night to be functional the next morning? Caffeine helps a lot.

On Tuesday Katie started feeling a little better so we continued our tour of Tex Mex restaurants. This time we went to Chuy’s, another import from Austin. Guess what? Katie looooves chil con queso. She’s not so crazy about the chips, she just likes to lick the queso off.
Grammy, are you leaving any for me?
Dad and Erin laughing at some of Katie’s antics.
IMG_1224 While we were at Chuy’s, Amy called and asked for some help with the baby. She had come home from the hospital that afternoon and, unfortunately, Chris had to work this week because the baby came earlier than expected and he had not asked for this week off. He's going to be off the next two weeks. To make a long story short, Amy and Hannah also came to stay at our house through Friday night.

Memaw and Pepaw were able to come and visit their new great-granddaughter.
IMG_1228 Grandpa is a great bottle washer.
Hannah was content.
IMG_1229 IMG_1231
Aunt Erin was always good for a laugh or to teach Katie how to do the “Chicken Dance.” Katie is “smiling pretty.” Ha!

We spent a lot of time in our jammies. Who had time to dress when you could hold Hannah.


Thursday we, of course, had to take Katie to her most favorite restaurant – Cheeburger, Cheeburger before we sent her back home.
IMG_1233 IMG_1236
Let’s see, summing up our week…
Eating out/ordering takeout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner $$$
A zillion (more or less) trips to Walgreens or Target             $$$
One or two trips to Chic Baby (girls have to have something to wear)                                                                                       $$$
2 - 4 hours of sleep at night
A house that let’s just say will take a while to clean
Spending precious time with all of my girls           Priceless

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