Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is a time for reflecting on the many blessings that the Lord has given us, being with family that we hold dear, sharing our favorite foods, and watching our favorite team – Texas - beat A&M.

One of the things we were thankful for this year is that we finally got a new refrigerator! It was delivered on Wednesday just in time to fight the crowds at the grocery store to buy some food to put in it. We have been without a refrigerator for almost a month so I didn’t even mind fighting the crowds for the food. It was actually exciting! Sometimes it takes the inconvenience of being without to make you appreciate what you’ve been taking for granted. I am grateful for God’s provision for our lives (and for my new refrigerator to store that provision!)

IMG_1002It has been a tradition in our family that my sister has Thanksgiving at her house and I have Christmas at mine…except for the years that Texas plays A&M at home. Then we have dinner at a restaurant in Austin. Yesterday we all gathered at my sister’s house for a lovely and delicious meal. However, it was a bittersweet time because their precious Yorkie, Beau, accidentally ran out their gate into the street and was hit by a car. We all loved Beau so everyone was teary-eyed and sad.

We weren’t thinking about taking pictures, so I don’t have any of the food or the table. Suffice it to say the table looked lovely and the food tasted yummy. I finally got my act together and started taking some pictures only to discover that the lens of the camera was smudged so some of the pictures look blurry. Oh well…

IMG_1004 MeMaw, PePaw, Judy, Tony, Megan, and me.



Jeremy and Dan were the photographers. I hope Jeremy got better pictures than I did!

IMG_1007 Amy, Chris and Katie arrived after we ate to spend the afternoon with us. Judy’s son and daughter-in-law, Josh and Jamie were spending Thanksgiving in Iowa with her parents. They rotate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays between families.


Katie did find out that her new little sister is going to be named Hannah Joy.

IMG_1010 Katie was playing Bowling Penguins.

IMG_1012 Amy and Grandpa and Katie playing “tickle bee.”



IMG_1016 IMG_1015New moms-to-be. They both have that “glow.”

Can you tell by their expressions that they are watching Katie attempt to do a summersault?



Don’t you love Jeremy’s expression? I think he kinda likes his wife, don’t you? They haven’t picked a name yet for their little man.



Erin and Lucas weren’t able to be here…they usually stay in Denver for Thanksgiving. Sometimes Erin comes home for Christmas…(Occasionally Lucas tags along…ha!) This year his family wants to have Christmas in Colorado,so we won’t be seeing them. I think they have a Norman Rockwell Christmas planned in the snow, as opposed to the mild Houston winters we share!

It's one of our traditions to put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (I'm not into "Black Friday.") Better get cracking... I hope you had a happy day yesterday and are looking forward to a blessed Christmas season.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful family and spectacular day! Isn't wonderful when we can spend time with those that mean so much to us?

    Just stopping by with my Sunday wishes! I count meeting you in blogland as one of my newest and best blessings!

  2. Mimi,
    How sweet you are. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a blessed Christmas!

    Making those gingerbread houses with the grandchildren looked like a lot of fun!