Monday, November 2, 2009

A Thankful Heart

Well...I'm trying something new. Leah of South Breeze Farm is encouraging people to count their blessings during this Thanksgiving season. So...everyday she is asking people to list one thing that they're thankful for. I've decided to participate so I've attached her button on the sidebar and have started my list. Let me just say that I got up this morning and my refrigerator was as dead as a doornail and all my frozen goods were limp and soggy. However...when I got home this afternoon the refrigerator was running like gang busters and the ice maker was making ice. I do believe that the Lord heard my prayer!


  1. Goodness, did it get all fixed by itself? A second life? That is a blessing! Coming by to meet you and sharing 30 days of thankfulness☺

  2. Hi...I love an appliance that 'fixes itself' : ) I've been visiting around to all the blogs on Leah's list and it's been fun to see so many new sites...I love the background on your blog! Enjoy this month of Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi Pat,
    I agree with you 100% about appreciating the blessings in this life and being grateful for what we have! I also appreciate when my refrigerator is humming along, and I’m sure you do also! My washer went on the brink a few months back and my hubby was able to fix the problem rather then having to fork over for a new one. I also love when I get to be someone's first follower, welcome to Blog World!

  4. Thanks, Pat, for jumping in and joining the rest of us for the month-long challenge! I hope it blesses your socks off! You've got a great list started - keep it up!

    Happy November!

    ~ Leah

  5. Stopping by on this Sunday to read your list of blessings. Answered prayer is the most humbling of events to be thankful for when you stop to think that God saw your need as important.