Sunday, November 1, 2009



I have obviously got too much time on my hands this afternoon, or am in a really nostalgic mood. As I was posting about my granddaughter and Halloween (Katie was a kitty), I thought of Kitirik, a television personality here in Houston in the 1950’s. All of us watched her every afternoon. We (both boys and girls) wanted to have our birthday party at the television station. It was a really big deal back then. I think either Judy or I actually did have a Kitirik party.


The show was on Channel 13, KTRK. They came up with the name by putting the letter i in between the station's letters (KiTiRiK). Kitirik's real name was Bunny Orsak and she was 23 when she got the job in 1954. Her mother made her cat costume. The show had a studio audience but if it was your birthday you got to go on stage and meet her.

ktrk There is an article on Kitirik here:

I didn’t realize that the show continued until 1971. I’ll have to look for our picture with Kitirik.

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