Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pre Game - Eating and Meeting Up with Our Longhorn Family at DKR

Yippee, I did make it to the weekend! It was a very close call...this respiratory thing that is going around is fierce and hard to shake, but we hung in there and picked up Erin at the airport on Friday night. She is the daughter who absolutely loves football, especially that of her alma mater, The University of Texas. While she was a student there, she was a member of the Texas Angels and helped to recruit athletes to the UT football program. So when she has a chance to come to a game she pounces on it.

We left Saturday morning for Austin at around 9:30 so that we could visit two of Erin's favorite Austin places - the Co-op and Hyde Park Grill - prior to the game. Of course, there was a mob of people at the Co-op. We tried to guess what their revenue would be for the day and decided that we would like a piece of that action. After contributing to the day's revenue (and getting our picture made with Bevo), we headed on over to Hyde Park Grill for a late lunch.

I noticed that the food was coming. Ha!

They have the best french fries and we knew that it was ok to eat them since we were going to be expending so many calories yelling!

Good meal and good company.

This is in front of the restaurant.

After eating, we headed on over to DKR Memorial Stadium.

And who should we meet up with but Judy and Tony. We got coffee at the Starbucks and watched Utah and Boise State, while also checking the USC score. Go Huskies! One of us (whose name shall remain unmentioned, but it starts with a D) needs to learn to get his horns up. Ha!!

Here we are waiting for the team to come in. See I Love to Tell the Story for the video!

Colt walked in on the opposite side of where we were standing. It was probably a good thing since he's had the flu.

Listening to the pregame music and watching the team warm up.

Our friends, Joyce and Sam.

I had too many pictures to put in one post. The game pictures are in the next post. Hook 'em!

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