Sunday, September 27, 2009

On the Road Again

Another September weekend, another football game. Hence, Highway 290 from Houston to Austin is packed with cars either going to the A&M game, to the Texas game, or antiquing to Chappel Hill, Brenham, Round Top, Carmine, Ledbetter, and points in-between. This weekend and next weekend is the Round Top antique fair. People come from all over the United States to shop in the fall and in the spring at Round Top. There are also numerous fall craft fairs, etc. As you can see in the picture, they are setting up for the Scarecrow festival in Chappel Hill which begins next week. We have had a lot of rain this past week (our rain gauge says 3"!) so the countryside was much more green and lush. It has also been unseasonably cool for the past week, which made us think that fall had arrived. That's what we get for thinking! Ha!

We stopped in Chappel Hill for breakfast. The Chappel Hill Cafe offers a country breakfast for $3.99. You get two eggs, choice of meats, biscuits, and grits or hash browns. We joined a lot of other people dressed in burnt orange for breakfast. Dan doesn't look too thrilled about going. He must have had a premonition about how hot it was going to be!
I love little town cafes.

We got to the game about 1:00 and sat in the Red Zone where it is airconditioned until about 45 min. before the game was to begin.

I was happy to see that Colt is looking well...

Bevo was calm this week, as opposed to last week when he almost skewered Jordan Shipley. Also, he was trying to take advantage of as much shade as possible.

Does this look hot or what? The temperature at game time was 94 degrees. I don't know what the "feels like" temperature was, but it was miserably hot. The best thing I had all day was a snow cone. When we left after a couple of minutes into the third quarter, the Red Zone was full of people trying to get out of the heat. There were not a lot of fans left in the stands by the end of the game. By the way, HEB was giving out the grocery bags again. I love those bags.

The ladies around where I sit were all excited because George Strait was an honorary captain for the game. I took a picture of the coin toss, but I think that all you can see of him is a black spot which was his hat.

Halftime - a script Texas and Tejas in honor of UTEP.

We had planned to have a nice dinner in Austin, since the game was over earlier than usual, but changed our minds since every stitch of clothing we were wearing was wringing wet with perspiration. We decided to hit the road and stop in Elgin for some sausage instead. We got home in time to see U of H beat Texas Tech in the coolness of our airconditioned living room.
I hope the weather is cooler for the Colorado game. Those boys from Boulder are not used to this kind of heat. Ralphie better get shaved before coming to Austin. Maybe Bevo will share his little corner of shade.

We got it done, even in the sweltering heat. UT-64 UTEP-7

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