Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year’s Eve

While we were having dinner at Escalante’s on the evening of December 30, the kids were discussing what to do for New Year’s Eve. I really wasn’t paying very much attention because I figured we’d just be the babysitters. We have never done too much celebrating on New Year’s Eve – it’s usually an early dinner and home to see in the New Year.

This year it was decided that instead of going out to dinner Amy would just have everyone over at her house. Chris fixed a pork loin on the grill and the rest of us brought side dishes. We invited Lucas’ parents and brother and wife. Katie was so excited to have all of her “friends” over.


Since we had no Christmas pictures of us, we made sure we got some of New Year’s.


Three princesses – Ashley, Erin’s sister-in-law, Katie, and Erin


My two girls…



Hannah had just about had enough of a celebration. It was getting past her bedtime.


We did some playing in Katie’s new playhouse that was her Christmas present from Grammy and Grandpa.


She likes for everyone to come inside her house. In fact, her favorite thing to say is “Come in guys!” It is a little cramped with the baby high chair, vacuum cleaner, etc. inside!


We then went outside to shoot off fireworks. We discovered quite quickly that none of the fireworks we had compared to what the neighbors where doing. Oh my! I thought we were in Disneyworld. Erin thought the show was a close second to those she saw on the Fourth of July on the national mall.


Katie was more interested in Lowell’s flashlight than smiling for the camera.


This would have been a perfect picture had Dan cooperated. He said we could crop him out, but I guess we’re keeping him.



Katie was holding on to that ball for dear life. The firecrackers were getting to be a little too much for her. Ashley was very sweet and ended up taking her upstairs to watch the fireworks out the window.


As you can see, she was having none of it!


It was a delightful evening and a wonderful way to end the year.

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