Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tracking Hurricane Earl

Several months ago we began planning a long-awaited anniversary trip. As life-long residents of the Gulf Coast, we are always cautious about choosing a destination around the Gulf or in the Caribbean at this time of the year because it is the height of hurricane season. Hurricane Ike is still very fresh in our memories! So...we decided to go to Boston for the history, the cool nights, and the wonderful seafood. We have reservations at an historic downtown hotel very close to the Freedom Walk. I want to see Lexington and Concord, Cambridge, Salem, Plymouth, and all the other famous sites I've taught about in social studies. Who would have thought that Hurricane Earl wants to visit Boston as well?? I didn't know they had hurricanes that far north. Reminds me of that old saying..."Man proposes, God disposes." We're keeping a close watch on the Weather Channel.

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