Sunday, July 11, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

That title sure brings back memories. It was the standard assignment we gave students on the first day of school (probably still is). It kept them busy while we organized the school supplies, wrote bus numbers on name tags, found out who were car riders, took lunch counts, etc.

But, back to my summer vacation, which happened to be this past week...
  • A new front-loading Electrolux washing machine was delivered on Monday. We spent Monday evening having an ice cream cone and watching the clothes wash. I know that sounds like we're backwoods hillbillies, but I've been needing a new washing machine for quite some time and that baby is quiet, fast, and uses a fraction of the water. Yipee!!
  • Tuesday I went to the eye doctor and ordered new contacts and glasses. I get soooo tired of hearing, "As you age...(fill in the blank with any new symptom)" Needless to say, my prescription is much stronger.
  • Wednesday morning I went to watch Katie have swim lessons. She and her little friend were already sitting on the steps in the pool beginning their lesson when I snuck in the room where you can observe. She glanced up, saw me, and began waving her arms and saying "That's my grammy!" Of course, all the other moms had to turn around and see who had arrived. Everytime she did something in the pool she would look to see if I was watching and then she'd clap and say "Grammy!" After swim lessons, she changed her clothes and came running out to meet me with her arms waving, ready to be picked up. Katie looked at her mom, said "Bye Mommy. I go Grammy's car. I go Grammy's house." Of course, she had to love my neck. This makes up for the stronger prescription. Ha! I only wish I had pictures. We went to the Farmer's Market and brought fresh peas to have for dinner.
  • Wednesday evening my dryer was delivered. Not so exciting as the washing machine, since it didn't work. We'll get a replacement this week.
  • Thursday it rained and rained and rained. I thoroughly cleaned the house. I love going back to work with a squeaky clean house.
  • Friday I met a dear friend for lunch at Los Tios. We caught up on all the latest news and current events. It was a little embarrassing, however, when I ran into the edge of the wall on the way out of the restaurant. Glenda said to the waiter, "She got her new glasses this morning and she's having trouble seeing. Stronger prescription, you know." It's nice having someone cover your back. Ha!
  • Saturday I got a haircut and color. That always makes you feel better. Then we did one of my most favorite things - we went to Barnes and Noble to browse the magazines and books. (I know, it doesn't take much to make us happy.) I left with a sack full. Ahhhh... Began reading The Big Rich, The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes last night.
Lest you think we have a really boring life, we are going to Boston for the week of Labor Day to celebrate our anniversary. I hope I can see by then to get on the plane!

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