Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watching Football with Grammy and Grandpa

If you know my family at all, you know that we are ardent University of Texas football fans. We have season tickets to the games and are brainwashing passing down that love to our grandchildren. Amy invited us over for dinner (it was yummy) to watch the Tech game last night. We were met at the door by our two little cheerleaders. Unlike my husband, who has umpteen UT shirts but didn't wear one, I was dressed to show my support for the team. Katie crawled into my lap and pointed at the embroidered horns and said "Bevo." I don't know how that girl knows the difference between UT and other football games, but when the UT game came on, she started jumping up and down and shouting Bevo, Bevo! She can say "Texas, Texas yee haw!" Maybe next week we'll take her to the UCLA game.

Goodness, did Garret just get intercepted again?



Let me just fix your tag here…


It’s hard to get everybody looking at the camera at the same time. Oh well…


Grammy contributed a fresh-baked pumpkin pie to the meal. I believe Katie and especially Hannah could have eaten half of the pie by themselves. After the pie-eating, we had to change clothes because we had burnt orange all over us that had nothing to do with the longhorns.


I’m getting worried, Grandpa. Do you think we’ll win?


Yea! I knew we could pull it out!IMG_2356

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  1. How precious! Grandbabies and football...too FUN!